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Mountain Lake

P + G Co


Welcome to P + G Co!

We're a mother-daughter duo who are the best of friends, and we're thrilled to have you here. At P + G Co, we're on a mission to infuse functionality with personalization. Explore our range of stainless steel water bottles and dog bowls, crafted to perfection and designed to elevate your daily experiences. Our products stand for quality, longevity, and the joy of customization. Join us in celebrating life's simple pleasures, one uniquely crafted item at a time!

Featured Items

What We Offer

At P + G Co., we offer personalized products with custom engravings, allowing you to choose and combine your own unique words and designs.

Customized Words

We specialize in engraving customized words on our products. Whether it's your name, a quote, or a special message, we can bring your ideas to life. Each word is carefully engraved to create a lasting and personalized touch.

Customized Designs

We also offer personalized designs. Our talented team can transform your ideas, logos, or artwork into beautiful engravings on your water bottle. From intricate patterns to eye-catching illustrations, we'll work with you to create a design that reflects your style and personality.

Combination of Both

Looking for the best of both worlds? We also provide the option to combine customized words and designs on your water bottle. This allows you to create a truly one-of-a-kind piece that showcases both your chosen words and unique design elements.

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